The Industry’s Best Equipped  Recording Facility

  1. -The largest PRO-Tools HD recording facility in our industry

  2. -High End mic preamps by Focusrite, Presonus, and others

  3. -Extensive studio microphone collection including: Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Beyer-Dynamic, CAD, Shure and more.

  4. -Yamaha 7 Foot Concert Grand Piano

  5. -Vintage Ludwig original Drum Kit in self enclosed Drum Suite

  6. -3000 square foot recording environment suitable for large groups and choirs

  7. -Our recording work has appeared on every respected music chart in all  Christian music industries. Our Material is represented every month

  8. -Studio Music Staff members - including several award winning players from the Nashville and Atlanta markets.

  9. -Cost Effective: many artists have discovered how affordable it is to complete their top level projects without the expense of Union rates or union mandated breaks to interrupt the work flow. This allows more detail and a better finished product


Many home / part time recording  studio hobbyists use the PRO-Tools LE (limited edition) Software - which is the 'home' studio or beginner software version designed for the home recording enthusiast.

This is not to be mistaken with the largest system that PRO-Tools offers: PRO-Tools HD Accel - This system is found in nearly all world class studios. Lamp uses 2 of these systems in our music production work. We also have the most extensive Hi-End plug in collection in Gospel Music Today.

Make sure that your project benefits from the best, most current technology available!

Grammy Award Winning Recording Environment

Nationally recognized record labels to Market your ministry to the world!

Professional Audio Mastering - TRUTH AUDIO MASTERINGTM

Call us today to schedule a meeting to find out what label is right for your ministry

Tired of adjusting the volume in between each song? Ever wonder why some recording sound ‘dull’ & ‘thin’ compared to other major release quality projects?

Audio Mastering is the art/science of assembling individual songs into cohesive musical excellence and should be considered the final step in a recording project before manufacturing.

Mastering gives your music the ability to compete in the world of commercially released material.

Without exception, ALL commercial releases are mastered - even those recorded in the most expensive studios in the world, using the most expensive producers.

Mastering can be the difference between your project sounding like a garage band and a ready-for-radio release...between sounding like a demo and a "record." If you want first class sound, you need it.

This service is available to outside clients and Lamp clients as well. Every month we master singles and complete album projects from a wide variety of clients and other recording studios.

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